DevObsessed Hires Darrel Reichenberg

DevObsessed Hires Darrel Reichenberg

Mark Ruch January 01, 2022
DevObsessed Hires Darrel Reichenberg

Darrel Reichenberg

Bringing an extensive sales background and proven success to a new market.

DevObsessed is pleased to announce the addition of Darrel Reichenberg to our leadership team.

Darrel has carved out a successful career in the staffing industry over the course of 18 years.  His experience includes a variety of roles and responsibilities, from recruiting, to client management, to leading fulfillment teams with over $295 million in annual spend.  Darrel’s invaluable knowledge and experience aids him and DevObsessed in helping customers attain the results they want through hard work and collaboration with the right professionals.

Darrel graduated from Wayne State College with a BA in Education.  He has worked across multiple industries, including construction, teaching, insurance, real estate investing and staffing.  Darrel knows that a clear vision and excellent resources are the simple yet key ingredients to any successful endeavor.

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