CRMs, the perfect-ish solution.

CRMs, the perfect-ish solution.

Darrel Reichenberg September 08, 2022
CRMs, the perfect-ish solution.

CRM - The perfect-ish, sorta, gets me most of the way, to kinda cover our needs - solution.

Out of the box CRMs are great tools. However there are a couple key functions that they inherently cannot do. At least not immediately upon unwrapping and plugging them in.

First, A new CRM can look fantastic at a sales demonstration. Cue the dry ice, crystal ball and stage lighting.

However once out of the realm of dazzling pre-programmed function demonstrations, it is simply a tool. It does not understand the unique methods and processes that your sales team uses daily. It will not grant wishes like a genie whenever your sales team wants to complete a new task.

CRMs are great at ensuring things are not lost and keeping clients and prospects appropriately organized. However they do not intuitively know what is most important to your organization’s internal processes for sales and business.

You will most likely need to consider how to import and map data from other systems, create custom configurations, and facilitate specialized training for end users.

CRMs are built to be sold as a generic solution across multiple industries and be effective for many different business processes. Generic software often leads to generic solutions and generic results. To elevate your project above the average, a precise mapping will be needed to help a CRM envelop the specific needs of your business to work smarter, faster and remain agile for future modification.

Second, CRMs do not instinctively come with the reporting metrics that you really care about.

Many CRMs have super cool looking reports and dashboards. Bar graphs, heat maps and head shots can all be implemented. However, a car can have a stellar looking digital speedometer but does it do you any good if it’s in nautical miles? What does your executive team want to see? What does your sales team need to see? What do your operations and accounting teams need to see?

No CRM, regardless of how popular or bells and whistles laden, can know what is most important to your individual business. That must be clarified by a skilled SME or BA for dashboards to convey the correct information in a most effective manner.

How to configure a CRM to your specific needs?

Trigger warning: lipstick and pig analogies to follow.

It’s logical that if you are looking for your first CRM or a new CRM to replace an old system, then you must have a problem that the current solution misses or even creates. However, in practice, many times outdated processes are repeated in the new software that simply “looks better”.

If you are in the market for a new CRM, or if you would like to discuss ways to improve the way your current CRM is meeting your needs, then speaking with a member of the DevObsessed team could be a very helpful endeavor. We have experience working with several of the most common CRMs and can lend insight and guidance to your project. Whether you are in the early stages of product evaluation or having late stage implementation troubles, DevObsessed can help.

Feel free to reach out today. Our initial consultation is always free of charge. We look forward to meeting you!

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