Adam Skripsky

Principal Engineer

Adam is a software professional with expertise in AWS, microservices and frontends with a track record of designing and implementing highly scalable and resilient systems. Adam holds AWS certifications with over a decade of experience in software engineering and architecture.  Adam is passionate about developing and implementing innovative solutions that solve problems for real users.


Adam led a project transforming a monolithic application into a more scalable and manageable system by leveraging Kubernetes to deconstruct it into microservices. To ensure efficient and reliable deployment, he implemented a CI/CD pipeline that facilitated automated deployments and incorporated quality checks at each stage. As part of the project, he revamped the frontend architecture using React, enhancing the user experience and improving overall performance. Additionally, he implemented a shift left security mindset, integrating security practices early in the development process to proactively identify and address vulnerabilities before they could be deployed, ensuring a more robust and secure final product.


Delivering simple solutions to complex problems.


Languages: Java, JavaScript, Kotlin
Environments: AWS, Spring Boot, React, Kubernetes, Serverless
Experience: 15+ Years
Industries: Education, E-Commerce, IoT