Skyler Sidner

Senior Engineer

Motivated and sociable, Skyler is comfortable in teams of any size. Highly skilled full-stack developer with experience in both Angular and React frameworks. Back-end skills include Node, Apollo GraphQL, defining and writing APIs, microservice architecture, and some DevOps.


Senior developer for a utility application replacing spreadsheet-based workflows.  Over two years our team converted existing business processes into improved workflows for improved client service configuration, more accurate data source identification, and generating and tracking final deliverables.  Users were able to double their daily order output while administration had data and tooling for improved visibility of their service flows.


I enjoy working with all Javascript frameworks and dabble in Svelte on the side.  Meeting new professionals in different team dynamics is stimulating and fun for me while we discover new technology solutions.


Languages: Javascript, Java
Environments: AWS, Azure, GCP
Experience: 8+ Years
Industries: Finance, Medical, Real Estate, Retail