DevObsessed Frequently asked questions

What is your companies bandwidth?

We operate as a specialized boutique, bringing on board talent based on the contracts we secure. Our combined active roster along with developers we’re familiar with and have previously collaborated with gives us a pipeline in excess of 100 engineers.  We possess the agility to expand rapidly when required.

How soon can you have someone available?

Typically we need a couple of weeks to get someone started on a staff augmentation contract.  Projects can begin sooner as we work through the information-gathering and planning stages and then jump into full production after that.

What is your current headcount?

We maintain a solid network of roughly 100 engineers who are currently contracted or have collaborated with us in the past. We intentionally keep our circle within this range to ensure the quality of our engineering services. We can identify by name the engineer available or coming available to be assigned to your project or augmentation contract.

What technologies are you familiar with?

Most anything open source along with the three major cloud providers.  Our team has been in multiple companies, across multiple verticals working with divergent tech stacks.  We work under a hive mentality, meaning our Slack channel is filled with threads between engineers who have seen XYZ problems before and help to offer ideas for solutions. If you bring on one of us, you are accessing the collective knowledge of all of us.

What are your rates?

Engineers with multiple years of experience spanning various industries are invaluable. We prioritize swift onboarding and the efficient production of code, always adhering to the industry’s best practices for testing, deployment, and documentation. Our rates generally fall within the low to mid 100's. While there might be more affordable options available, it’s challenging to find a better value proposition than what we offer. The relationship between our rates and the value we provide is direct and transparent.