Backend Summary

What is backend development?

Back end developers work on the engines that power your business. This development is the core of your environment, to efficiently engage your processes and workflows, securely providing data to your front end, and seamlessly orchestrating interactions with your vendor and partner systems. These types of applications typically include REST APIs, command line tools, batch jobs, Lambdas, and more. These programs work quietly behind the scenes, processing events, making predictions, delivering notifications, building reports and so so much more. Oftentimes these types of applications comprise the bulk of a company’s code base. These are important programs doing critical work. When something goes wrong with a back end application you get service outages, data corruption, and worst of all unhappy users.

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Our team of experienced developers have years of experience designing, implementing, and maintaining back end systems. We build resilient, efficient, secure, and cost effective back end solutions to drive your business forward.

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