Project Management Summary

What is Project Management?

Great project management is vital to the success of your technology engineering projects. You cannot sell short the skills needed in dealing with deadlines, organizing tasks, estimating costs and dates, planning for unknowns, and being able to juggle conversations with deeply technical developers as well as senior business leaders. Project Managers are skilled at running highly efficient teams, and can greatly help knockdown any roadblocks that might get in the way of their developers. On top of this, your PMs need to have the knowledge and expertise in the latest Agile methodologies, the business practices that have shown how best to enable projects for successful completion.

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Our team at DevObsessed is staffed with industry leaders in Project Management. Contact us, whether you need a full team (comprised of a PM, engineers, and designers), or you have a need for project managers and agile practitioners on your existing software projects. Our lessons learned over years of experience, across multiple industries, is the key to the success of your software initiatives!

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