Language Version Managers - the Developer Parachutes Technology

Language Version Managers - the Developer Parachutes

Jeff Sheets September 28, 2022

Installing multiple language versions (e.g. Java 11, Java 19, Java 8 | Node 8, Node 16 | Python 2, Python 3 | etc) on your machine is scary, and not for the faint of heart.

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Welcome Sean Lomax News

Welcome Sean Lomax

Mark Ruch August 29, 2022

About Sean DevObsessed is excited to welcome Sean Lomax to the team!

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Welcome Curt Larson News

Welcome Curt Larson

Mark Ruch August 17, 2022

About Curt DevObsessed continues to roll and is pleased to welcome Curt Larson as our VP of Engineering!

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Welcome Tom Mclaughlin News

Welcome Tom Mclaughlin

Mark Ruch July 25, 2022

About Tom DevObsessed continues to grow with talent! Welcome Tom McLaughlin!

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Java/JVM Engineer Careers

Java/JVM Engineer

May 01, 2022

Java/JVM Engineers are responsible for building the back-end structure and processes of a software application.

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Welcome David Moore News

Welcome David Moore

Mark Ruch February 07, 2022

About David David is a Senior Engineer with a wide range of technical expertise, specializing in Enterprise Application Development and Enterprise Application Architecture.

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