Brad Risse

Principal Engineer

Brad Risse, a full-stack senior developer with an impressive 9-year track record. His expertise spans a wide range of front and backend web technologies, having worked on more than 100 custom websites, 5 mobile applications, and 6 admin interfaces. With a passion for innovation and cutting-edge technology, Brad continually strives to apply the latest technologies to his projects.


In his role as a Senior Consultant, Brad has left a significant imprint through his creation of an internal data visualization dashboard, which allows managers and developers to troubleshoot order flows effectively. This custom dashboard didn't use pre-designed templates and incorporated data performant loading and caching with integrated visualization graphs.

Brad has also made his mark on the video compression and encoding service, where he developed a complex queuing system for encoding and compressing large video files.


Brad's enthusiasm is evident in his continuous exploration of diverse web technologies. He excels in creating dynamic front-end e-commerce stores using ReactJS and NextJS and building API using NodeJS.He has a knack for designing beautiful user interfaces and aggregating data from multiple sources for various purposes. A champion at developing single-page applications and systems that seamlessly integrate live data transmission.


Languages: Javascript, Typescript
Next.js, ReactJS, React Native, Node.js
9+ Years
Industries: Advertising, Automotive, Data Analytics, E-commerce, Finance, Food Delivery, Health and Fitness, Internet of Things, Inventory Management, Marketing, Point of Sale, Real Estate