Have IT Done

Common services we provide:

Legacy Modernization

Cloud Migration

Velocity Acceleration

Technology Adoption

Project & Product Alignment

Flexibility for you

We adapt to your needs.

Staff Augmentation

Project Teams

Multi-skilled Consultants

On-site, Hybrid, Remote

Variable Contract Length

Areas of Expertise


Back-end & APIs

Focused on server-side logic, databases, and the architecture of a website, ensuring that data is correctly processed and stored. Providing the underlying functionality and structure required to make a website or application work as intended.



Take the complexity out of modernizing your Front-end architecture and take advantage of the latest technologies. Develop an application that is easy to maintain tiliz modern yet proven and highly adopted technologies.


Platform & Cloud

Developing and maintaining the underlying software platforms that applications are built upon, ensuring they are robust, scalable, and secure. Optimizing the platform's infrastructure, thus enabling developers to efficiently deploy applications and services.


User Experience

Bridges the gap between design and development, focusing on the user experience aspects of software and web development. Ensure that the interface is intuitive, accessible, and provides an engaging experience for the user.



Preparing and managing the data infrastructure critical for analytical and operational processes. Ensure that data flows seamlessly and securely from various sources to data scientists and analysts for processing and interpretation.



Practical. Precise. Performant. We use micro teams to attack your business processes and problems. Leveraging AI, ML and other technologies we automate your tasks.


How long does a contract have to be?

Are your contracts Fixed Bid or Time & Materials?

Where are your consultants located?

Are your consultants 1099 or full-time employees?

What is your companies bandwidth?

What is your current headcount?

What technologies are you familiar with?

What are your rates?