David Moore

Senior Engineer

Driven and dependable, David integrates seamlessly into an existing team. He is a skilled back-end developer with experience in .NET, JVM technologies, PHP, and Perl. He has experience defining and writing APIs, data level integrations, and some CI/CD implementation.


Development lead on an Enterprise Content Management project. A legacy vendor product required 15 windows servers to process data at scale for an insurance company. He wrote an application using multithreaded C# with less than 1k lines of code to replace it. This brought the number of required servers from 15 down to just 1.


My ideal work would be new projects using open source tools to deliver a solution. My choice stack preference in spinning up a new project would be a React front-end leveraging W3CSS for style, and .NET 6 Web API for handling the back-end development.


Languages: C#, Java, Python, PowerShell, PHP, Perl
Environments: AWS, Windows, Mac, Linux
Experience: 5+ Years
Industries: Insurance, Health Care, Education, Software Development