Kalvin Tuel

Principal Engineer

Driven and dependable, Kalvin is comfortable leading the team or being an individual contributor. Highly skilled front-end developer with experience in both Angular and React frameworks. Back-end skills include JVM technologies, defining and writing APIs, data level integrations and some CI/CD implementation.


Principal Architect and development lead on a legacy system rewrite for a major natural gas company. Spanning two years, our team rewrote a SmallTalk based application to Java and Groovy and a SOA. Capital project was delivered on-time and with no major bugs. New code base included testing tools that visually confirmed system outputs 1-for-1 to the legacy system.


My ideal project would be green or brownfield using open source tools to deliver a solution. My choice stack preference in spinning up a new project would be React front-end, SpringBoot using Groovy.