Matt Uehling

Principal Intern

Matt is an intern quickly gaining experience in software usage, trying to act qualified, and researching the unknown. His focus areas are looking at messages on Slack, researching different topics, and trial and error. Matt has an extensive history with Java and Stack Overflow but is a technology enthusiast. He is available to help find someone that might know the answer, continually attempt a challenge, help teams function at their very best, and to eat the office fruit snacks.


Matt has always had a passion for computers and an opportunity presented itself during his junior year of high school. As the FBLA vice president, his goal was to represent his school well in the State Leadership Conference, including a coding and programming event. He partnered with two other FBLA members and designed which was a travel website that allowed the user to enter desired attributes and find the best travel destination in Nebraska. Matt and his team were so successful they made it to the National competition. Where Matt presented it to a panel of judges. Matt showed off his communication skills by playing rock paper scissors with someone from almost every state and a few international competitors.


Unbridled determination, learning from experts, and growing his fantastic sock collection.


Languages: Java
Experience: 3 high school classes and this summer internship

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