Tom McLaughlin

Principal Engineer

Tom is a software developer with experience in Government, Defense, Finance, and e-Commerce. His focus areas are software architecture and cloud infrastructure. Tom has an extensive history with the Java and Spring ecosystems, but is a technology generalist at heart. He is available to help build APIs, cloud infrastructure, software architecture, and to help teams function at their very best.


Significant cost savings awaited this state’s Department of Revenue if they could create an open, interoperable tax engine. Other states had failed spectacularly on similar projects, making the project a risky one. Tom’s small team of engineers delivered a complete, open, and extensible system - on time, no fuss, no drama. The result? $800,000 dollars in operational savings year-after-year, and a shining example of effective software architecture.


Wrangling complexity, improving architectures, and bringing proven solutions to bear on the toughest problems the world has to offer.


Languages: Java, Groovy, Go
Environments: AWS
Experience: 9+ Years
Industries: Government, HR, Insurance, E-Commerce

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