Mark Ruch

President and Founder

Mark Ruch

Mark graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha's MIS program in 1999 and has spent his career growing the local tech talent, starting as a developer and evolving into one of the most notable tech leaders of the Omaha area. In his previous role, Mark not only quintupled revenue at a high-end consulting firm but grew his talented roster over five times its size across six states. Despite those successes, Mark's proudest achievement is not the increased revenue or roster but six consecutive "Best Place to Work" awards.

Mark has taken this experience and started an organization focused on providing the best environment and culture for Software Professionals and letting that drive the goals of the business. DevObsessed believes that the best talent needs the best environment to deliver the best results, and great culture leads to both continued financial success and employee happiness.

Professional History

First Data Resources 1999-2000

Union Pacific Railroad 2000-2004

GamePlan Technologies 2004-2008

BAE Systems 2008-2010

Telvent DTN 2010-2011

Object Partners, Inc. 2011-2021