Building a Next.js Application with Modern Techniques for a Greenfield Applicant Tracking System


In this project case study, we'll explore our team's collaborative effort to design and develop a greenfield Applicant Tracking System (ATS) application. This endeavor required the integration of various modern techniques and technologies to deliver a high-performing and feature-rich system.

Key Achievements:

1. Next.js Application Development:

   - Collaboratively built a Next.js application from scratch, employing the latest web development practices.

   - Implemented Server Side Rendering (SSR) and Server Side Generation (SSG) techniques to enhance performance and user experience.

2. Internationalization (i18n):

   - Incorporated internationalization capabilities to ensure the application's accessibility to a global audience.

3. Client-side PDF Generation:

   - Developed a client-side PDF generation feature, enabling users to create and export documents seamlessly.

4. Responsive Design with Material-UI:

   - Achieved a responsive design using Material-UI, guaranteeing an optimal user experience across various devices and screen sizes.

5. Single Sign-On (AWS Cognito):

   - Collaborated to implement Single Sign-On functionality using AWS Cognito, enhancing security and user convenience.

6. Custom Kiosk Code Authentication:

   - Created a custom kiosk code authentication mechanism tailored to our client's unique requirements.

7. High Lighthouse Scores:

   - Our team's collective optimization efforts consistently delivered high 90s Lighthouse scores, reflecting exceptional performance and accessibility.

8. Timely Delivery:

   - Despite the project's complexity, we managed to deliver a more comprehensive product than initially scoped for, within a shorter time frame, showcasing our team's efficiency and expertise.

Roles and Responsibilities:

As a collaborative team, our roles and responsibilities were distributed as follows:

1. API Backend and Database Implementation:

   - Designed and implemented the API backend as a team, ensuring it met the project's performance and functionality requirements.

   - Collaboratively developed and maintained the database architecture for efficient data storage and retrieval.

2. Cloud Infrastructure Integrations:

   - Worked together to orchestrate seamless integrations with AWS services, including AWS RDS, AWS Cognito, AWS Secrets Manager, AWS KMS, and AWS ECS Fargate, optimizing scalability and security.

3. Coordination with Team Members:

   - Collaborated closely as a team with the front-end and platform engineering to ensure a cohesive and integrated development process.

   - Coordinated efforts collectively to align with project milestones and objectives.


The successful development of the greenfield Applicant Tracking System application underscores our team's collective proficiency in utilizing modern web development techniques and integrating a wide array of technologies. Our commitment to quality and efficiency resulted in exceptional Lighthouse scores and the delivery of a feature-rich product that exceeded our client's expectations. This project serves as a testament to our team's capabilities in building sophisticated, high-performance applications through effective collaboration.