Contributions to a Major Fintech platform


This case study highlights the significant contributions made by one of our Principal Engineers for a major online stock trading platform. Mike played a pivotal role in various aspects of the platform's development, focusing on REST services, front-end development, legacy application modernization, and order management system enhancements.

Project 1: REST Services and Front-end Development

Objective: Mike was tasked with improving the user experience and performance of the trading platform's front-end while also developing RESTful services to enhance data retrieval and processing.


1. Custom Client for Legacy Application: Mike created a custom client for a legacy application, bridging the gap between modern front-end technologies and the older system. This allowed for a seamless transition for users while ensuring data integrity and security.

2. Modernization of Legacy Applications: Mike led the effort to rewrite legacy applications using modern frameworks such as Spring Boot and Angular. This transformation significantly improved the platform's performance, scalability, and maintainability.

3. Application Builds and Deployments: Mike took responsibility for streamlining the application build and deployment processes. He utilized Gradle for efficient project management and Puppet for automation, reducing deployment time and minimizing errors.

Tools Used: Java, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, Orika, Angular, Gradle, Puppet, Git

Project 2: Order Management System Development

Objective: Mike was assigned as a developer for the order management system, focusing on enhancing its performance, managing Jenkins jobs, and ensuring smooth software builds and deployments.


1.  In-Memory Cache Optimization:  Mike improved the performance of the order management system by optimizing the in-memory cache, resulting in faster data retrieval and order processing.

2.  Jenkins Job Management:  He successfully managed and maintained Jenkins jobs, transitioning them to Jenkins Job DSL, which allowed for easier job configuration and better version control.

3.  Software Builds and Deployments:  Mike oversaw software builds, deployments to test and production environments, and schema updates. He employed tools like Gradle and Liquibase for efficient build management and database schema updates.


Mike's contributions were instrumental in improving performance, scalability, and user experience. His expertise in Java-based technologies, front-end development, and modernization of legacy applications played a vital role in ensuring the platform's competitiveness in a rapidly evolving market. Additionally, his dedication to optimizing processes and automating tasks streamlined development, deployment, and maintenance efforts, ultimately leading to a more robust and efficient trading platform.