CRM System Transformation at Fourtune 500 Insurance Provider


As a Senior Consultant and Salesforce Full Stack Developer for the client, the primary goal was to transition from a legacy CRM system to the more modern and robust Sales Cloud. This transformational project aimed not just at replacement but also at establishing foundational IT standards and processes.


- Establishing enterprise integration standards and processes for a fresh deployment.

- Discovering and implementing a suitable continuous integration toolset.

- Seamlessly integrating Informatica products with Sales Cloud.

- Reengineering the sharing model to enhance search results.

- Designing and developing integration solutions for legacy systems.


- Developed comprehensive enterprise integration standards and processes catering to external applications.

- Identified and implemented the continuous integration toolset, Flosum, enhancing deployment and integration processes.

- Successfully integrated Informatica products with Sales Cloud, ensuring data management and transfer capabilities.

- Rearchitected the sharing model, leveraging implicit sharing, which significantly improved search results across the platform.

- Instituted robust standards for CI/CD practices specific to the Salesforce platform.

- Designed web services to ensure seamless integration of legacy systems into the new CRM structure.

- Redesigned ETL patterns, optimizing data processes for both Agency and Brokerage Salesforce instances.

- Rapidly constructed Proof of Concepts (POCs) to ascertain MVP requirements and assess new technologies.


The transformative project led to the successful replacement of the client's legacy CRM system with Sales Cloud. Through meticulously planned and executed strategies, not only was the new system put in place, but foundational IT standards, processes, and capabilities were also established, paving the way for more efficient and streamlined operations.