Enhancing Medicaid Enrollment Functionality


As the Architect,our consultant’s key responsibility was to elevate the efficiency and capabilities of the clients enrollment manager, a product aiming to streamline Medicaid patient management for enrollment representatives.


• Implementing a streamlined application process for Medicaid enrollment.

• Ensuring that the patient's current enrollment status is tracked post-application submission.

• Integrating various platforms and tools, including legacy software.


• Integrated Agile methodologies to boost project progress and ensure clear visibility of milestones.

• Led and coordinated a geographically diverse team spanning both the US and international regions.

• Leveraged Github Actions for an enhanced CI/CD pipeline, leading to faster and more efficient deployments.

• Innovated cross-cloud solutions, ensuring seamless integration between legacy software and client systems.

• Diligently maintained the Lightning Experience Cloud site, ensuring it efficiently catered to a vast patient base of 2.5 million.


The enrollment management system saw significant improvements in its operational efficiency, offering enrollment representatives a streamlined process for managing their Medicaid patients. The advanced automation and integration solutions not only enhanced the patient sign-up process but also provided real-time tracking mechanisms for enrollment status.