Integration and Optimization for Health Insurer


As the Senior Consultant and Team Lead, the primary responsibility revolved around the next phase of an existing project. The new chapter emphasized bridging Salesforce with other external systems and enhancing its inherent features to provide better services.


- Creating functionalities that allow Salesforce to send physical mail based on email templates.

- Enhancing the existing CI/CD pipeline to make optimal use of Salesforce's features.

- Establishing an organization-wide logging system to track asynchronous activities.


- Developed a print-to-mail functionality, enabling Salesforce to translate email templates into physical mail.

- Revamped the CI/CD pipeline to utilize the capabilities of SFDX more efficiently.

- Instituted a comprehensive logging framework across the organization to monitor asynchronous processes seamlessly.


The client witnessed a remarkable integration of Salesforce with various external platforms, enhancing the utility and robustness of its services. The newly implemented features and optimizations ensured streamlined processes, culminating in heightened operational efficiency.