Monitoring Solution for IBM InfoSphere CDC

Project: Developing a Monitoring Solution for IBM InfoSphere CDC tool.


IBM InfoSphere Data Replication was a critical component of the Health Insurance client's data infrastructure, but it lacked integration with the modern monitoring systems already in place. Curt was tasked with developing a comprehensive metric and monitoring solution for this product.


Curt embarked on this challenging project by utilizing the IBM InfoSphere Data Replication product's Java SDK. He developed a REST service that exposed Prometheus-style metrics, thus making it compatible with modern monitoring tools. This solution allowed the Health Insurance client to monitor the performance and health of the data replication product in real-time.


Curt's work on the monitoring solution significantly improved the Health Insurance client's ability to monitor the critical IBM InfoSphere Data Replication product. The real-time insights provided by the monitoring system enabled proactive maintenance and issue resolution, resulting in increased data reliability and system stability.


Curt, in his role as a Principal Engineer at the Health Insurance client, made significant contributions to the organization's technology stack. His successful development of a monitoring solution for the IBM InfoSphere Data Replication product demonstrated his expertise in platform engineering and monitoring solutions. These projects played a pivotal role in improving operational efficiency and data reliability at the Health Insurance client, ultimately contributing to the company's success in the health insurance industry.