NodeJS Development Project


Hospital Based Charity


Lead Node JS Developer

Key Responsibilities:

1. Node Backend and EmberJS Frontend Development:

Jeff's primary responsibility was to lead the maintenance and new feature development of the Giving Hearts Day campaign platform. He played a pivotal role in both the Node.js backend and the Ember.js frontend, ensuring they were robust, scalable, and user-friendly. His contributions included optimizing code, implementing new features, and ensuring seamless navigation for the campaign's users.

2. DevOps Deployment Tasks:

Jeff skillfully managed DevOps deployment tasks using GitHub, CircleCI, and Heroku. This included automating the build and deployment process, ensuring that code changes were efficiently deployed to production, and maintaining high availability for the platform.

3. Auth0 Identity Management:

To enhance the security and user management of the application, Jeff implemented Auth0 identity management for both Node API endpoints and Ember.js. This allowed for secure user authentication, role-based access control, and improved user experience.

4. Integration with Stripe API:

Jeff integrated calls to the Stripe API for payment processing, enabling users to make donations securely through the platform. This integration was vital for the success of Giving Hearts Day, as it facilitated the seamless processing of over $10 million in donations annually.

5. Application Security Analysis:

Jeff conducted a comprehensive security analysis of the entire REST API. This involved identifying potential vulnerabilities and implementing robust security measures to protect sensitive donor data and ensure the platform's integrity.

Results and Impact:

Jeff's contributions played a crucial role in the success of the Giving Hearts Day campaign:

- Increased Fundraising: Under Jeff's leadership, the platform consistently raised over $10 million annually 

- Enhanced User Experience: Jeff's work improved the user experience, making it easier for donors to navigate the platform and contribute to their chosen causes.

- Security and Reliability: The security analysis and DevOps practices implemented by Jeff ensured the platform's reliability and safeguarded donor data, contributing to the campaign's continued success.

- Efficiency and Automation: Jeff's expertise in DevOps streamlined deployment processes, reducing downtime and ensuring that the platform was always ready to handle high traffic during Giving Hearts Day.