Pioneering Software Enhancement at a business SaaS client


Serving as a Senior Software Engineer our consultant undertook pivotal roles, driving innovation, optimizing software applications, and mentoring new team members. The primary objective was to enhance existing systems, ensuring adaptability, functionality, and user-friendliness across different devices.


- Rewriting an existing application to ensure responsiveness across various devices.

- Developing a proof-of-concept website in a constrained timeframe.

- Instilling better coding standards and agile methodologies within the team.

- Onboarding and mentoring new hires with diverse technological backgrounds.

- Replacing third-party software with proprietary solutions without compromising functionality.


During the innovation phase, our engineer took the lead in transforming an Ext JS application by utilizing the Sencha Modern toolkit. This significant transition enabled the application to embrace responsive web design principles, ensuring its impeccable performance across a variety of devices. 

In a tight timeframe of just two weeks, the consultant developed an Angular JS website, acting as a proof-of-concept. This showcased the potential of the newly exposed REST web services, which were ready for customer use, and also helped gather insights for designing future REST services. 

In the pursuit of excellence, the consultant strongly advocated for and implemented enhanced coding standards. By facilitating insightful retrospectives and introducing story point-based estimation, the team's agile health was significantly improved. Additionally, the senior consultant played an instrumental role in mentoring and onboarding new team members. They shared in-depth knowledge about diverse technologies, such as Java and Ext JS, and offered insights into the team's ongoing software projects.


The client witnessed a transformative change in its software applications, driven by the consultant's proactive approach and innovative solutions. Legacy systems were successfully revamped, new hires were effectively integrated into the team, and third-party dependencies were reduced. The organization was now equipped with responsive, user-friendly, and efficient software solutions, setting a benchmark for future projects.