Reinventing the Rebate Program for a Construction Industry SaaS Provider


The optimization of digital platforms and the incorporation of user-centric design are crucial to the success of modern businesses. This case study delves into the pivotal contributions of Brian Pope, a Senior UI Engineer, in revolutionizing the Rebate Program for the client.


1. Understanding the Rebate Workflow: Grasping the nuanced workflow for builders to purchase and redeem rebatable items was paramount.


2. Collaborative Design Process: Ensuring seamless collaboration between the design and development teams to maintain consistency and quality.


3. Integration within the Larger Application: The Rebate Program had to fit cohesively within the client's broader application without disrupting existing functionalities.

4. Mentoring and Skill Transfer: Imparting design knowledge and expertise to younger designers and developers to elevate the overall project quality.


1. Deep Dive into the Rebate Workflow: Brian took the initiative to meticulously understand the builder's journey in purchasing and redeeming rebatable items, ensuring the design would effectively address real-world use cases.

2. Creation of Detailed Mockups: Leveraging Figma, Brian crafted comprehensive mockups, providing the development team with a clear visual guide for implementation.

3. Leadership in Collaborative Discussions: Brian played an instrumental role in leading standups and fostering open discussions, ensuring alignment and clarity among team members.

4. Seamless Collaboration with Design Team: By actively collaborating with the design team, Brian ensured that the Rebate Program's revamp aligned with the overall vision and seamlessly integrated within the existing application.

5. Active Mentorship: Beyond his design responsibilities, Brian actively mentored younger designers and developers, sharing his expertise and fostering a culture of continuous learning.


- Streamlined Rebate Program: With Brian's expertise, the client's Rebate Program was transformed, offering users an intuitive and seamless experience.


- Enhanced Team Collaboration: The project saw heightened levels of collaboration between designers and developers, ensuring a cohesive final product.

- Elevated Design Standards: Through mentorship, Brian uplifted the design standards of the team, ensuring the Rebate Program and other projects would benefit from elevated design quality.


Brian Pope's role in the Rebate Program revamp for the client showcases the impact of combining deep user understanding, collaboration, and mentorship in UI projects. By understanding user needs, fostering team collaboration, and elevating design standards, Brian not only enhanced the Rebate Program but also set new benchmarks for future projects. This endeavor stands as a testament to the transformative potential of expert-led, user-centric design initiatives.