Replatforming Mainframe System for Efficient Railcar Event Processing at a Major Railroad


As an Applications Developer, the focal point of the project was a comprehensive replatforming initiative. The aim was to transition from a legacy mainframe system and develop advanced distributed Java web services, specifically catering to the Equipment domain, ensuring efficient processing of railcar events and movements.


- Implementing a robust server monitoring application to track and manage various server metrics.

- Integrating the newly developed services with other existing ones.

- Crafting Java web services that could efficiently process railcar data.

- Designing a user-friendly application to monitor the system's queue depth.


- Deployed a server monitoring application designed to parse, log, and send alerts based on different server metrics, ensuring real-time monitoring and rapid response to any issues.

- Utilized SOAP over JMS for the seamless integration of services, ensuring cohesive operations across platforms.

- Developed Java web services leveraging the Spring framework, ensuring efficient and responsive railcar event processing.

- Designed and launched an AngularJS application, offering stakeholders a clear view of the system's queue depth and facilitating easy monitoring.


The replatforming initiative was a resounding success. The transition from the legacy mainframe system to the new distributed Java web services framework resulted in significantly improved processing capabilities for railcar events and movements. The new system not only enhanced efficiency but also provided more transparent and real-time monitoring capabilities.