Saga workflow orchestrators using RabbitMQ and .NET 6

Client Background:

Our client is a leading technology and communications company specializing in providing innovative solutions to the financial and healthcare industries. Their commitment to delivering secure, efficient, and scalable software solutions has earned them a reputation as a trusted partner for organizations seeking to streamline their operations and enhance customer experiences.

Project 1: State Machine-Based Saga Workflow Orchestrators


The client recognized the need to implement a robust state machine-based Saga workflow orchestrator system to streamline their processes, improve efficiency, and ensure scalability. The goal was to build this system using RabbitMQ and .NET 6.


1. Complex Workflow Management: The client's operations involve intricate workflows with numerous dependencies and transactional interactions.

2. Scalability: As the company continued to grow, the system needed to accommodate increasing workloads.

3. Integration: Integrating RabbitMQ with .NET 6 and ensuring seamless communication was crucial.


Clayton led the effort to design and implement multiple state machine-based Saga workflow orchestrators. His responsibilities included:

1. Architecting a Scalable Solution: Clayton designed a modular architecture to support our client's dynamic workflows, making it easier to adapt to evolving business needs.

2. Leveraging RabbitMQ: He integrated RabbitMQ as the messaging backbone, ensuring asynchronous communication between different parts of the system.

3. .NET 6 Expertise: Clayton's expertise in .NET 6 was instrumental in developing the orchestrators efficiently and optimizing their performance.

Project 2: Research and Development for SSO (Single Sign-On)


The client aimed to enhance the security and user experience of its services by implementing a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution. This involved researching and developing a robust SSO framework.


1. Security: Ensuring that the SSO system met the highest security standards was a top priority.

2. Seamless Integration: Integrating SSO with existing systems and services was a complex task.

3. Compatibility: The SSO solution needed to work seamlessly with various authentication providers.


Clayton played a crucial role in the research and development of our client's SSO system. His contributions included:

1. Technology Stack Selection: He helped choose the right technologies, including FusionAuth and Azure Active Directory, to build a secure and reliable SSO system.

2. Integration: Clayton ensured seamless integration with our client's existing applications and services.

3. Security Measures: He implemented robust security measures, including multi-factor authentication and identity verification, to protect user data.

Project 3: Ongoing Development of Backend Web Services


The client required ongoing development and maintenance of its backend web services to meet evolving business requirements and customer needs.


1. Rapid Development: The client's dynamic business environment demanded fast-paced development cycles.

2. Performance Optimization: Ensuring the web services performed optimally was essential for customer satisfaction.

3. Cloud Integration: Leveraging Azure services like CosmosDB and Azure functions required expertise.


Clayton contributed significantly to the ongoing development of the client's backend web services. His responsibilities included:

1. Agile Development: Clayton embraced agile methodologies to deliver regular updates and enhancements, keeping the client's services competitive.

2. Performance Tuning: He employed Elastic APM for performance monitoring and optimization, ensuring responsive and reliable services.

3. Cloud Integration: Clayton effectively utilized Azure services and Terraform for infrastructure management to enhance scalability and reliability.


Clayton's expertise and dedication led to significant improvements in the client's technology infrastructure and service offerings. The projects he led not only met their objectives but also positioned our client as an innovative and customer-focused technology company.

Key Outcomes:

1. Enhanced Workflow Efficiency: The state machine-based Saga workflow orchestrators improved operational efficiency, reducing manual intervention and minimizing errors.

2. Secure SSO Implementation: The SSO system implemented under Clayton's guidance enhanced security and user convenience, boosting customer trust.

3. Reliable Backend Services: Ongoing development and optimization of backend web services ensured uninterrupted and high-performing customer experiences.

The client continues to benefit from Clayton's contributions, and the successful completion of these projects solidified their reputation as an innovative and customer-focused technology company.