Splunk, Kong, Ruby on Rails, GCP

Challenge 1: Splunk Cluster Management on GCP

The Client heavily relies on Splunk for their log analysis and monitoring needs. They needed a scalable and reliable solution to manage multiple Splunk clusters on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Curt was tasked with building and operating these clusters efficiently, automating the deployment and scaling processes.


Curt leveraged his expertise in infrastructure as code (IaC) and utilized Terraform and Jenkins to set up and manage the Splunk clusters. He designed an architecture that ensured high availability, reliability, and efficient resource utilization. The automated deployment processes reduced manual intervention, minimizing the risk of human errors.


- Successfully built and operated several Splunk clusters on GCP.

- Improved system reliability and reduced maintenance overhead.

- Enhanced scalability to accommodate growing data volumes.

Challenge 2: Migration from Apigee to Kong

The Client wanted to migrate their API management solution from Apigee to Kong without any service interruptions or downtime. This migration was a critical project, as any disruption could impact their customers and business operations.


Curt meticulously planned and executed the migration from Apigee to Kong. He ensured that APIs were seamlessly transitioned, maintaining compatibility with existing client applications. He conducted extensive testing to validate the new setup before switching over to Kong.


- Successfully completed the migration with zero outages or downtime.

- Improved API performance and reduced operational costs with Kong.

- Enhanced flexibility and control over API management.

Challenge 3: Ruby on Rails Apps Migration from Heroku to GCP

The Client decided to migrate 17 Ruby on Rails applications from Heroku to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to gain more control over their infrastructure and reduce costs. Curt was entrusted with this complex task.


Curt adopted a containerization strategy, Dockerizing each Ruby on Rails application. He then orchestrated these containers using Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) on GCP. Curt ensured that the applications ran smoothly in the new environment, addressing compatibility issues and optimizing resource utilization.


- Successfully migrated 17 Ruby on Rails apps from Heroku to GCP.

- Improved infrastructure control and cost efficiency.

- Enhanced application performance and scalability with GKE.


Curt, the Principal Engineer at The Client, demonstrated exceptional technical expertise and project management skills in addressing the diverse challenges faced by the client. His solutions not only resolved critical issues but also optimized the client's infrastructure for long-term success. Curt's contributions played a pivotal role in The Client's journey towards a more robust, scalable, and cost-effective IT ecosystem. His ability to execute complex projects without service interruptions showcases his commitment to excellence in the field of platform engineering.