Streamlining Provider Verification for Large Health Insurer in Salesforce


As the Salesforce Architect for the client, the primary objective was to devise and implement solutions aimed at expediting the verification and credentialing process for new healthcare providers.


- Collaborating with various business units to translate requirements into user stories.

- Migrating and optimizing legacy features to suit the Lightning Experience.

- Ensuring seamless integration and operation of both Sales and Service clouds.


- Engaged actively with the business sectors to design, propose, and document business needs as user stories, ensuring alignment with technical capabilities.

- Offered expert guidance to the enterprise architecture team about best practices and effective integration methodologies.

- Developed a Jenkins CI/CD pipeline leveraging SFDX, enhancing deployment efficiency.

- Introduced a new object model designed to boost reporting capabilities and better employ inherent features.

- Effectively transitioned functionalities from the Sales Cloud to the Service Console application and laid out a detailed migration roadmap for existing legacy features.


Through meticulous planning and execution, the client experienced a substantial reduction in the time taken for verifying and credentialing new healthcare providers. The strategic migration and optimization ensured that the organization's operations became more streamlined and efficient, catering to the needs of the modern healthcare sector.