System Rewrite and Enhancement for a Major Online Pet Store


The e-commerce industry thrives on innovation, scalability, and efficiency. This case study delves into the instrumental role of a Senior Consultant at a prominent online pet store, focusing on supporting a comprehensive system rewrite for the client and integrating advanced features to optimize operations.


1. Complex System Rewrite: Overhauling the client's existing system required meticulous planning and execution to ensure continuity and enhancement of services.


2. Coordinating Across Multiple Teams: With various teams working on different aspects of the project, ensuring consistent communication and alignment was essential.

3. Centralized Feature Flag System: Implementing a feature flag system that could be consistently consumed by multiple projects presented a unique challenge.

4. Managing Extensive AWS Resources: Efficiently handling hundreds of AWS resources required a structured approach.


1. Development of APIs & Order Fulfillment System: Our Senior Consultant played a key role in developing several APIs and an advanced order fulfillment processing system, enhancing this client's operational efficiency.

2. Optimizely-Based Feature Flag System: A feature flag system using Optimizely was designed and implemented, offering a centralized solution for multiple projects.

3. Independent Project Management: The Senior Consultant took charge of creating stories for team members, ensuring project direction and objectives were consistently met.

4. Terraform Repositories Management: Maintaining multiple Terraform repositories, the Consultant ensured seamless management of hundreds of AWS resources.

5. Lambda Functions & RESTful API Development: The development of multiple Lambda functions in Python and RESTful APIs following the JSON:API standards fortified the system's capabilities.

6. Effective Cross-Team Communication: Actively keeping communication channels open, the Consultant ensured that vital changes and updates were consistently shared across teams.

7. AB Testing with Optimizely: Comprehensive research was undertaken to determine AB testing solutions using Optimizely, followed by effective implementation based on the documented direction.


- Revitalized System: With the comprehensive system rewrite, Chewy achieved enhanced performance, scalability, and operational efficiency.


- Unified Feature Management: The Optimizely-based feature flag system provided a centralized approach, optimizing feature deployment and management across multiple projects.

- Optimized AWS Resource Management: With Terraform repositories, the efficient management of hundreds of AWS resources was ensured.

- Enhanced Inter-Team Communication: Effective communication strategies ensured all teams were aligned, promoting cohesive development and deployment.


The efforts of our engineer at this client highlight the immense power of strategic technological interventions in the e-commerce industry. By meticulously rewriting systems, integrating features, and coordinating across teams, the client  not only revitalized its operational framework but also solidified its position as a leading online pet store. This project serves as a testament to the significance of technical expertise, innovation, and collaboration in driving business success and excellence.