Derek Meyer

Principal Engineer

Derek is a passionate and hard-working developer who’s at home in many roles: leading a team, extracting requirements, architecting a design plan, or writing code. Expert front-end developer with experience in popular frameworks. Equally comfortable on the backend, with skills including JVM technologies, defining and writing APIs, data level integrations, CI/CD implementation.


Lone developer working with a client in medical research. Over 18 months, built two interconnected Groovy/React applications, without existing infrastructure. One app enabled the non-profit to manage their grants and staff, an upgrade from many spreadsheets. The second equipped researchers with device-agnostic tooling to enter and deeply query participant data, transforming research recruiting. Mentored FTEs who would take the app into the future.


Owning a problem, conversing with the people who will use what I come up with, and freedom to draw from experience to design efficient solutions!


Languages: Java, Groovy, Javascript, Typescript
AWS, Azure, Kubernetes
Experience: 12+ Years
Industries: Banking, Construction, Defense, eCommerce, Gas Pipeline, Healthcare, Insurance, Non-Profit, Security