Jonathan Roberts

Senior Engineer

Jonathan is a software developer with a passion for easily integrating into a diverse range of team settings and jumping into the trenches to collaborate and develop innovative solutions. His focus is building back-end systems as well as always trying to be involved in building cloud infrastructure solutions. He has experience defining and building APIs, data processing systems, serverless solutions, and cloud solutions using infrastructure as code.

Lead a small team responsible for building a life application validation system that extracted data from physical applications and streamlined application validation. Worked with external teams to ensure all requirements were met and timelines were honored. Successfully released highly visible solution into production.

Jonathan has a passion for building well-defined APIs that solve business needs through simplicity. He loves getting the opportunity to learn new technologies in order to see how they can potentially solve business problems in new and simple ways. He loves opportunities for one on one mentorship.


Languages: Java, Python, Javascript, Typescript
AWS, Spring Boot, Serverless
10+ years
eCommerce, Insurance, Car Rental