Mike Cain

Principal Engineer

Michael is a software developer with a focus on server side development and software architecture. He is also comfortable leading the team and managing projects.  He has extensive experience in JVM technologies as well as defining and developing APIs.


Lead team responsible for externalizing data in enterprise wide data formats in near real time.  Coordinated with several teams across the enterprise to drive requirements and meet schedule.  Ensured developers had all the information needed to complete tasks.  Worked closely with management to provide up to date status and overcome obstacles.  Onboarded team members to continue the project after the contract had ended to ensure continued success.


Solving complex problems, designing efficient solutions, and learning new technologies


Languages: Java, Kotlin, Go
Environments: Spring, Spring Boot, Micronaut
Experience: 19+ years
Industries: E-commerce, Health Insurance, Finance, Telecommunications, Defense, Aviation